time off in new york city

almost three months to fill

Lower Manhattan tour

Over the last few days I’ve been walking around lower Manhattan with the AIA guide. Here are some photos of places I found through the book:


Tear Drop Park, the Hudson River valley reconstructed in Battery Park City. On a cold winters day I found this park dreary, but on a recent sultry hot day it was perfect.


The Irish Hunger Memorial. A bit of the landscape of Ireland, with ruined cottage, cantilevered over lower Manhattan.


Florentine Palazzo – the New York Federal Reserve bank.


Alligators in Liberty Street.


Marlow Towers Garage. There were other people taking photos of this, fascinating like an astronomical clock in Europe.


8 Spruce Street (aka Beekman Tower). 2010

Brighton & Hove (in England, and where I lived for a while) was going to have two Gehry towers like this in 2008 (although much shorter at 20 floors each), they never happened.



The Municipal Building (built 1907-1914) – and the subway entrance beneath it. I think this looks like a Stalinist era building, was it an inspiration?


(From left to right) Criminal Courts Buildings, Office of the City Clerk, New York State Supreme Court, Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse. This assemblage reminds me of Liverpool.


Interior street (a POPS that leads to the Subway) at 33 Maiden Lane. Architect: Philip Johnson, same time as the Sony Centre, Madison Avenue, same arch. The outside of the building is a bit of a joke.


100 William Street. Another one of those POPS that I like – space-age style from the early 70s.


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